Slightly Cooler Today – Big Warming Trend This Week –MONDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  The news is good for the week ahead.  Today will be somewhat cooler than yesterday, with clouds at times, but this will only be a minor set-back.  We have a nice Warming Trend to look forward to this week.  In fact, we’ll be into the 70’s during the last half of the week.  On this video, I’ll fill in the details, and we’ll look ahead to a weekend cool front that will bring showers back into our forecast.  On the distant horizon, could there be another front near Thanksgiving?  We’ll take a peek through the end of the month.


An upper level disturbance brushes by the area today.  That may know our high temperature 5 degrees cooler than yesterday..with some clouds from time to time.  BUT, a pretty nice start to what will be a great week.

NICE warming trend this week!  70+ degree days Wednesday through Friday.  Spotty showers around Friday through Saturday as the next front moves through.

Another front closer to Thanksgiving will bring showers and storms by Wednesday the 27th, followed by cooler air.

TWO fronts between now and the end of the month, but no crazy arctic temperature plunges.

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