THURSDAY UPDATE:  Potential Weekend “Soaker” Ahead

Good Morning!   Instead of a video this morning, I have this blog update for you.  I’ve been dealing with major medical issues involving my dog Bailey. More on Bailey later.

First, let’s talk weather,  on a very cold Thursday morning.  We are in the 20’s early this morning!  Fortunately, Wind Chill is not an issue.

On this blog update, I’ll update you on what looks like a weekend “soaker”   Plus,  we’ll look ahead to a very, very mild Christmas Week Forecast.  I have updated the Christmas Day forecast.

TODAY:   After a cold morning, sunshine will allow us to warm into the low to mid 50’s.  Wind will not be a factor.  North wind at 5 to 10.  Another freeze tonight – Low 31.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Dry through Friday.  Increasing clouds. A little milder.  Should be a great evening for Montgomery’s Christmas parade.   Saturday & Sunday look very wet indeed.  A potential soaker.  Obviously, that will have a big impact on the Camellia Bowl Saturday afternoon.  A chilly weekend in the rain.  50’s daytime, 40’s at night.  Rain chances taper off Monday.  Monday and Tuesday will be the warmer. The start of a Much Above Normal Christmas Week forecast.

HOW MUCH RAIN COULD FALL?:   It’s going to be a wet weekend.  But, the details of how it will unfold, depends on which model you believe.   The EURO model shows the Gulf low moving northward into Alabama before pushing eastward.  The American GFS model, however shows the low passing southeast of us and then into Georgia.  The exact track of the low will have a big impact on how much rain could fall.

Take a look at the VERY wet EURO model, showing drenching 3-4” totals for many of us.  While the GFS shows the heaviest rainfall totals farther to the Southeast.  The truth probably lies in the middle.

CHRISTMAS WEEK WARMTH:  Cold air will retreat, and much of the east 2/3 of America will see an Amazing Christmas Week warming trend.  That will, unfortunately mean, a White Christmas is only likely across the extreme northern tier of the country and in the Rockies.  For Alabama the news is good.  We should be storm-free through Christmas Day, with very comfortable temperatures.  We will be well up in the 60’s.  There will be an end of the week storm system with showers and storms by Friday.  It’s too early to know if the December 27th storm system will be severe.

Amazing Christmas Week warmth…

A very comfortable and nice Christmas Day forecast for us..

Now on to the latest on my baby-dog Bailey.  It has been a very difficult 48 to 72 hours.  Daddy has been worried sick…

First, Thank YOU!   I am simply overwhelmed and gratified of the outpouring of well wishes and prayers for Bailey.

Dr. Van Hooser performed surgery on her yesterday afternoon.  The news is a mixed bag.  He suspects she may have lymphoma, but he simply can’t be sure.  Something else could be causing the lymph node inflammation.  Biopsy results take up to five days, so on or before Christmas Eve, I’ll know.   I’ll be on pins and needles until then. Lymphoma is treatable.  Success rates varies from dog to dog, and there are about 30 known forms of the disease.   Chemotherapy can buy us some time.

Here’s a snapshot of Bailey in the Hospital last night.  She’s been on an IV morphine drip.

Again, thank you for all the love and concern for my baby girl.  It has warmed my heart, and it has meant more to me than you’ll ever know.   She will be getting much TLC from her Daddy here at home today, with a warm fire in the fireplace.

I expect tomorrow to be a little more routine.  I will have a video update online by about 4:45AM, as we prepare for the weekend storm system.  I’ll also be back LIVE on the radio and Live on Alabama Rising on CBS 8 and ABC 32.   Have a nice day.


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