SATURDAY UPDATE:   Wet & Windy Weekend  – Heavy Rainfall Possible

After a string of nice weekends, our luck comes to a screeching halt today.  On this first day of Winter, a significant Gulf storm system will bring a round of locally heavy rain and strong, gusty winds.  The heaviest rain will be tonight and Sunday.  The rain threat continues through early Monday.  But, there’s also some very good news on this Blog update.  We’ll look ahead to nearly perfect Christmas Week forecast.  No snow, but very comfortable, pleasant weather.     Here’s a snapshot of the Gulf Low that will approach the coast by late tonight.

TODAY:   Risk of rain anytime, but especially after Noon.  Rain probabilities will continue to increase by late afternoon this evening and tonight.  High today 54.  Steady rain tonight.  Becoming windy by evening and tonight.  East wind 10 to 20+  by tonight.  Overnight low 45.

For the Camellia Bowl:  Come prepared.  Get out the ponchos and wear something warm.  Rain chances will get better and better later in the game.  Temperatures will fall into the upper 40’s by game’s end, but gusty easterly winds will make it seem colder.  It will be a rather wet  affair, I am afraid.  Kickoff time at Cramton Bowl is 4:30PM.

RAINFALL POTENTIAL:    I am using the EURO model rainfall projection, here.  It shows that many areas in central and south Alabama could see 3 to 4” over the weekend, with localized amounts of 4+” not out of the question.  Localized flooding is not out of the question.

WINDY BY TONIGHT & SUNDAY:   As the Gulf Low intensifies, wind speeds will increase by this evening, tonight and particularly Sunday.  Here’s a Max Wind Gust map from the EURO.  It shows potential wind gusts of near or above 40 mph in parts of central, east and Southeast Alabama.  This snapshot is centered on Sunday morning.  You may want to secure loose objects in the yard, like some of those inflatable Christmas decorations.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  The rain threat continues through about Noon Monday.  Then, things get a lot better.  Simply beautiful weather is in the cards for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and through Friday.

WARM CHRISTMAS WEEK:   No White Christmas this year, but, then again, few places in the entire eastern half of the nation will see snow of Christmas this year.  You’ll need to go to the Rockies for that!   However, we will have some of the finest Christmas weather in America.

NEXT STORM SYSTEM:  The last weekend of the year could be wet and stormy.  Here’s next Saturday, December 28th.

WINTER BEGINS TODAY:  Today is the Winter Solstice.  The shortest day of the year.  Winter officially begins at 10:19 pm.  By the way, we are just 71 days till Spring!

Have a great Saturday!  I’ll have another Blog update on Sunday morning…



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