Series of Dry Days – Cold Nights – Nice Weekend– THURSDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  Wind chill is a factor this morning.  Bundle up.  Today will be rather brisk, but sunny.  How would you like at least 4 dry days in a row?  The nights will be cold, but I have a great weekend forecast, including what looks like a spectacular Sunday.  There’s a major warming trend in our not too distant future.  BUT, a potentially potent storm system next week has my attention.  There appears to be a growing threat of Severe Weather.  I have the latest on timing.


A BRISK DAY today…but the sun will be out.  WAY too chilly for the end of February.  The wind will add a bite.

Coldest morning will be around Dawn Friday.  Upper 20’s central Alabama, Near 30 near the Florida broder.

Lots of sunshine today through Sunday.  COLD nights,  but, dry for several days.  Chance of showers begin around Monday.  Big warming trend Sunday through the middle of the week, ahead of a big deal storm system which could be severe.

That Mid-week storm system certainly has my attention.  Potentially Potent, and most likely a Severe Weather Threat.  Ityneeds to be watched.   We have a few days to monitor it.

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