Spotty Showers Today – Extended Stretch of Very Warm Days -FRIDAY VIDEO

Happy Friday!  After Thursday’s high of 85, we are in for a Weekend  of much above normal temperatures.  In fact, this stretch of warm days will last well into next week, too.  Today, a weakening southward moving front could touch off a few spotty showers.  But, in general showers will be few and far between over the weekend.  How long will this pattern last?  Are we done with Winter Cold?  How much rain in the week ahead?  We’ll take a peek 16 days into the future.  You will love the weekend forecast.


Week fronts drifts south today.  A few spotty showers will pop up.  Many towns will stay dry.  Still warm…

A big bubble of Upper Level High pressure will be parked over the Gulf for several days.  That will keep us quite warm for an extended period of time, and keep big storm systems away.

VERY Warm stretch of days with relatively small rain chances.  Rain chance a little better Tuesday and Wednesday.

Rainfall potential will vary A LOT from 2-3″ in north Alabama to less than a quarter of an inch in South Alabama for the week ahead.

Pollen will be an issue for the next several days.  Pretty high…..


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