Late Week Heat Builds – Potential Record Highs – WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!   A weak front drifting southward in the state today may lower the highs by a couple of degrees, but we’ll still reach the 80’s. Tonight will be a little cooler.  But, I think we’ll be in the 80’s for at least 4 more days, and it’s quite likely that we will reach or exceed record highs Thursday through Saturday.  When can we expect the next rain?  Could next week be significantly cooler?  We’ll look ahead.  And, wait till you see the Pollen forecast for the next few days.  Brace yourself.

Weak front drifts southward today.  Today’s high may be about 3 degrees cooler than yesterday, but still in the 80’s  Nice day.  Cooler tonight…as we fall to the 50’s.

Another one oi those stubborn Upper Highs will park over the Gulf with a Ridge northward into Alabama.  That spells the potential for record highs Thursday through Saturday.

4 more days in the 80’s  Risk of showers by Saturday evening and Saturday night.  Not quite as warm Sunday.  Little cooler Monday.

the Pollen level will reach STUPID high levels ….almost off the scale…next few days.

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