SUNDAY UPDATE:   Perfect Mother’s Day – More Chilly Nights – Warming Trend This Week

Good morning!  It’s very chilly start to this Mother’s Day, with frost across North Alabama and many spots in Alabama will be close to record lows by Dawn.

But, the news today is pretty sensational.  It should be a text-book perfect Mother’s Day.  Highs will soar in to the upper 70’s.

Another weak cold front sweeps across the area tonight, which means the next two nights will also be very chilly for May.

Get ready for a significant warming trend in the week ahead. The bad news is, the search for raindrops goes on.  The rain prospects for the next 7 days is not good.   Get out the garden hose.

TODAY:  Our near record-cold start will wear off quickly.  Sunshine will be abundant.   High today 78.  PERFECT.  (Normal high 82…normal low 58)   Light NW wind at 5 to 10 mph.  Chilly again to night.  Low 49.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Nice Monday.  Chilly Monday night.  Significant warming trend this week.  Upper 80’s by Wednesday and Thursday.  Teasing 90 on Friday and Saturday.  No rain.


WE NEED RAIN:  The Montgomery airport has only had .13” of rain for the month.  Yes, we still have rain surplus for the year.  But we are already about an inch below normal  for May.  Montgomery’s official rainfall has been about an inch in the last 20 days.  We need a lot more.  This is the growing season.

The rain prospects for most of us, in the next 7 days, is simply awful.  Many towns will see no rain at all.  It’s certainly time to get out the garden hose.  Beyond 7 days, our rainfall prospects may start to get a little better.


Hello to all the Mom’s our there!  This is your day. Happy Mother’s Day!  ENJOY!   I sure miss my Mom…I love her so much.


I’ll have a complete video update for you Monday morning, posted by 4:45AM

Stay safe and well. Enjoy this beautiful string of days…


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