Major Warming Trend Begins – Rainfall Prospects Dim – TUESDAY Video

Good Morning!  With early morning lows in the 40’s…this is likely the last time we will be in the 40’s until next Fall.  The chill is fading and retreating.  A major warming trend begins today.  By the end of the week and the weekend it will feel like summer.  How hot will we get?  And, what about rainfall?  We need rain.  The news is not so good when it comes to rain prospects.


The morning chill will fade quickly.  Warming trend begins today.  High near 80.  Not as cold tonight.

In the upper atmosphere, that upper high pressure ridge building will promote a major warming trend, with very little chance of rain.

Rainfall prospects for the next 7 days are scant at best.

Next week, the upper high gets stronger.  The models are hinting at some hot and humid days and very warm nights.

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