Hot Holiday Weekend – Random Pop Up Storms – FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  Welcome to the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend.  Many folks will be on the road, ready to get away…finally.  It’s going to get hotter and hotter.  It will feel more like we have slipped into a late June or early July pattern.  The humidity will build, too.  And, those familiar summertime, random, pop-up afternoon and evening storms will be around each day. I have an update on our forecast details for here and the Gulf Coast Beaches for the weekend and into next week.  Is the summer pattern locked in from now on?


As the Memorial Day Weekend begins, it will feel more and more like summer.  It’s getting hotter.  Those familiar pop up summertime, random afternoon and evening storms will cool down some lucky towns.

In the upper atmosphere, and upper ridge of high pressure will build.  Days will get hotter through the Memorial Day weekend.  It’ll feel more like late June.

Hot, increasingly humid with random pop up storms each day.  Looks like the summer pattern is locked in for the next several days.


Tons of people are beach-bound,  Routine forecast with highs in the low to mid 80’s and widely scattered storms each day.

NOAA predicts Busy Atlantic hurricane season for 2020. Multiple climate factors indicate above-normal activity is most likely..

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