Scattered Storms – Cristobal Aims for U.S. Gulf Coast – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  We’re locked in a pretty typical June pattern, with heat, humidity and more of those daily, random pop-up storms. The storms will be in more generous supply by the weekend. I have updated the probabilities.   Meanwhile, in the extreme southern Gulf, Cristobal will soon be making his much anticipated northward trek toward the north central Gulf coast.  How will Cristobal effect Alabama?  I have the latest on timing and the track.  I have the updated projected rainfall through Tuesday.

Feast or famine on the thunderstorms again today.  Some towns will get a lot of rain.  Many towns will get completely skipped.   Hot & humid again.

Those random PM storms will be in rather generous supply through Friday.  Sunday & Monday rain chances ramp up because we are on the wet side of Crisobal’s track.

Cristobal is over land in the Yucatan now.  It may actually briefly weaken to depression status later today, before re-emerging into the Gulf as it aims for an encounter with the U.S. Northern Gulf Coast by late Sunday.

Needless to say, it’s a less than ideal Beach Forecast, as winds and seas increase ahead of Cristobal.  High rip current risk is expected.



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