SATURDAY UPDATE:  Nice Weekend – Tolerable Humidity – Mainly Dry This Week  

Good Morning!  There has been such an improvement in our weather over the last three days.  The absolute brutal humidity we were dealing with this week (dewpoints in the mid 70’s) is gone for now, and frankly, I do not see a return to 70+ dewpoints this week.

So, the news is good!  Nights and mornings are comfortable.  The afternoons are still hot, but comparatively speaking, the humidity levels are certainly bearable.

While rain chances are not quite zero, they will be very low for the next several days.  Generally 10% each day.

TODAY:  Abundant sunshine.  Not too humid, High near 90.  Rain chances not zero, but only about 10% for most of us.  Maybe 15% in southeast Alabama.  Comfortable tonight.  Low 68.

COMFORT LEVELS:  Let’s talk dewpoint.  Here’s the expected dewpoint levels in Alabama this afternoon.

Mid 60’s for many of us.  Is this wonderful air?  NO.  But look at the comfort level graph below.  On Wednesday, we had a dewpoint of 77.  That’s AWFUL.  Crazy humidity.  SO, we have improved from MISERABLE to “getting sticky”.  Better! Not perfect. ????

NEXT FEW DAYS:  There may be a few “blips” on the radar this week. But, rain chances will only near 10% each day.  High temperatures will be a little lower Monday through Wednesday.  For June in Alabama, this is a very pleasant forecast.

DRY WEEK:  Here’s the rainfall outlook through next Friday.  Notice the rain prospects are very poor.  Good thing most of us got good rain this week.

BEACH FORECAST:  There’s a risk of thunderstorms.  Scattered showers and thunderstorms, especially along the Florida Beaches.  The rain chances are a little smaller today on the Alabama coast.  Rain chances are lower tomorrow.  The rip current risk is listed as low today and Sunday.

TROPICS:  Quiet as a mouse in the week ahead.

LAST WEEK OF SPRING:  The summer solstice is next Saturday.  Summer officially begins Saturday June 20th at 4:43 pm CDT.

It’s true, the days are still getting longer.  But this week we will only gain 1 minute and 8 additional seconds of daylight.  Next Saturday we will have 14 hours, 16 minutes and 35 seconds of daylight.  The longest day of the year.


I will have another Blog update tomorrow morning.  Follow me on Twitter:  @RichThomasWX.   Have a great weekend.   Stay safe and well.


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