Relentless Heat Continues –Triple Digit Heat Index- Isolated Storms – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  The big story for today and the weekend ahead will be the relentless heat.  With highs well up in the 90’s every day, the Heat Index will tease the 105 danger range for the next few days.  I have adjusted the rain chances downward. Storms will be few and far between through the weekend.  How long will it last?  We’ll look ahead.  Plus we’ll check the tropics.


That upper level Heat Dome expands today.  Storms will be isolated at best.  Very Hot.

Compared to yesterday, storms will be scarce today.  Isolated at best.

Heat Indices will be excessive.  Extreme Caution Range for most.  Danger range for some.

Relentless heatwave continues.  Mid to upper 90’s.  Triple digit heat index.  Only widely scattered PM storms.

Routine Weekend Beach Forecast.  Low rip current risk is forecast.  Spotty storms.  A good Beach Forecast.

The tropics are quiet for now.

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