Heat, Humidity, Storms – Better Rain Chance This Week – MONDAY Video

Good morning!  Intense heat continues, but the change, this week, will be better rain chances.  More storms to go around.  In fact, the days with the best odds will be Wednesday through Saturday.  Still, though, the storms will still be random.  Some towns will have much better luck than others.  Triple digit heat indices continue.  Tuesday’s heat index may reach the danger level.  Also, we are tracking a new Invest in the Tropical Atlantic.

Hot & Humid today with a generous supply of showers and storms roaming around.  Triple digit heat index.

Not everybody will get wet Tuesday, but there will be more storms to go around.  The heat index could exceed the 105 danger range in spots.

Better odds of encountering a tropical downpour this week.  Some of the best rain chances this week will be Wednesday through Friday.

Invest 95-L now has a 60% chance of becoming a depression or storm in the next 5 days.  Next name on the list if Josephine.


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