Labor Day Weekend Forecast Update – Heat/Humidity Relief Late Next week? – THURSDAY Video

Good morning!  The relentless heat continues. We could see some briefly lower humidity Saturday.   Showers are on hiatus for now, probably until Sunday/Monday when random pop up storms return.  All eyes on next week’s weather.  Some really nice Canadian will enter the U.S. and head south.  Will it make it all the way to Alabama and when?  I have updated model trends.  And, there are multiple systems we are now tracking in the tropics.

Showers are still on hiatus for another 2-3 days.  HOT today.  Triple digit heat index.

Weak front moves through the state Friday.  The humidity will be a little lower behind the front Saturday.   You’ll notice an improvement.

Rain chances just about nil through Saturday.  Pop up random storms return Sunday and Labor Day Monday.  Storms become more  numerous by Tuesday and Wednesday.

Routine on the rain chance on the coast Friday and Saturday.  But, the storms become a little more numerous by Sunday and Monday.  Gulf water temperature 85.

Nana came ashore during the night as a hurricane.  It’s moving into central America.  Omar is just a depression heading towards the North Atlantic.  There are three systems in the far eastern Atlantic. Invest 91-L has a 70% chance of becoming a depression and maybe tropical storm Paulette..

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