LABOR DAY UPDATE:   Comfortable Holiday, But Humidity will Return – Better Rain Chance This Week

Good morning!  The days have been much more bearable.  The nights have been cooler.  There’s even been a breeze.  We have hit the jackpot on the Labor Day Weekend weather.

Enjoy today, because the humidity will make a big comeback.  Dewpoints will be back in the uncomfortable 70’s tomorrow and for the rest of the week.

We have been shower-free for several days.  That will change this week.  Rain probabilities  will begin small tomorrow and escalate as the week unfolds.  We need the rain.

I’m afraid the idea of a meaningful cool front reaching Alabama next weekend is now completely off the board.  Not this time, I’m afraid.  ☹

Today, here’s the set-up.  That Deep Tropical Moisture that left us is down in Florida…But it is poised to make a return.

TODAY:  Abundant sunshine.  Still hot…high 92, but relatively bearable humidity levels. Mainly clear, comfortably cool tonight.  Low 68.

Here’s the the expected Dewpoint levels at 1PM today.  Most of the summer we live in the awful 70’s   50’s and 60’s today are great!

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Rain chances creep up a but each day.  50/50 rain chance returns by Friday and Saturday.

The nice Dewpoints end today.  Look at the graph.  We’re going back to business as usual.

THE TROPICS:  This is a rarity.  A Labor Day Weekend with no named storms in the tropics.  However, we do have two new tropical depressions and two areas to watch in the Atlantic.  The next two available names are Paulette and Rene.

I will have a complete video update for you in the morning.  Stay safe and well.  Have a great Labor Day Weekend.


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