Dangerous Delta Hours from Landfall -Updated Expected Impacts for Alabama


Delta still a Dangerous Cat 3 hurricane with 115 mph winds, slightly weaker than the last update. Now hours from landfall. NHC has Delta slightly inland at 7PM with 105 mph winds. Locate 130 SSW of Cameron, moving north at 13. Pressure 962 mbs.

Not a huge change, but SPC has expanded to Marginal Severe Weather Risk area in south Alabama to cover a bug chunk of south Alabama west of a Luverne/Andalusia line through this evening & tonight. Risk of some brief tropical tornadoes due to Hurricane Delta . That risk will cover virtually all of Alabama on Saturday.


It seems like a bad dream.  Another extremely powerful hurricane about to make landfall on the northern Gulf coast.  This will be close to where Cat 4 Laura made landfall just 5 weeks ago.  The hurricane is large and will even have impacts hundreds of miles away, even here in Alabama.  I have updated the tornado threat for tomorrow, how much wind, how much rain and the timing.  Plus, a look ahead to some really beautiful weather next week.  

Extremely Dangerous is DELTA looking pretty impressive on the satellite this morning hours before landfall. Look at how much of the Gulf it dominates. It’s effects will be far reaching even here into Alabama.

Powerful Delta, now with 120 mph winds may slightly weaken to 100 mph winds just before landfall this evening.

Delta will move steadily northeast from Louisiana inn the early morning Saturday to north of Jackson, MS Saturday afternoon.

A few short-lived Tropical up tornadoes are certainly possible in Alabama tomorrow, especially, let’s say, from 1PM to about 9PM. Our Weather App will instantly alert you for a warning for your location. Don’t take these lightly. These can do a lot of damage in their brief live-spans.

IMPRESSIVE tropical rainbands from Delta in Alabama Saturday evening, some that could produce tornadoes.

Wind won’t be a huge factor like it was with Sally. But, we could easily see some wind gusts to 30 mph.

Rainfall will be NOTHING like Sally. Maybe 1-2″ for a lot of us…and 3 to 5 inches closer to the MS border.


Delta’s tail of moisture will still be effecting Alabama Sunday. I too the rain chance higher.

After DELTA, look for a period of spectacular weather from Columbus Day Monday trough mid week at least.

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