Warming Trend Underway – Still Dry For Now –WEDNESDAY VIDEO

Good Morning!  It’s another cold morning, but not nearly as cold as Tuesday AM, when Montgomery fell to 34°.  Good news.  Our nice weather pattern continues, and now we have a nice warming trend beginning.  Willa little Atlantic moisture bring the risk of showers into the weekend forecast?  And, guess what?  It’s possible that we could be dealing with more Tropical Trouble in the Gulf next week.  It’s not out of the question.  Evidence is building.

GREAT day today, after a COLD start. Warming trend begins.

Perfect forecast. How about lower 70’s today.

Building Upper Ridge will promote a NICE warming trend, through at least the weekend.

An easterly flow will bring in a little Atlantic moisture over the weekend. Could we see a few widely scattered showers? Small chance. WARM for November.

Good news about a nice warming trend underway. Not just warmer days. Look at the overnight lows! Big pattern change ahead. Small chance of showers Sunday through Monday.

Absolutely NOBODY wants to entertain the thought of dealing with a Tropical Depression, or heaven forbid, a Hurricane in the Gulf next week. Many models point to the northern Gulf coast. Here’s a sample of the EURO model.

Here’s a sample of some other Hurricane Model tracks.

It’s not a done deal yet. Stay tuned. It’s obviously very late in the ball game.

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