Chill Will Fade a Bit – Late Week Showers – Weekend Update

Good Morning!  It’s a bone chilling morning….coldest of the season so far.  But, look for a milder afternoon, as the chill begins to fade over the next 2-3 days.  Showers make a comeback by Thursday night/Friday.  I have an update on what looks like a pretty tranquil weekend.  And, we’ll take a look at some interesting model trends toward the middle of the month.  

After the very COLD start this morning, temperatures will make a nice recovery this afternoon into the mid and upper 50’s. Tonight will not be quite as cold.

Showers will move in with the next disturbance moves in late Thursday night into Friday.

After the showers depart Friday evening, it looks like a quiet and dry weekend. Temperatures will be below normal. Normal high is 64, low 40.

Looks like late next week, we’ll probably start to see a significant warming trend, as a Ride builds aloft.

Could there be a big deal storm system toward the middle of the month? Too early to say. But, two global models seem to suggest that could be in the cards. Stay tuned.

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