Chilly Start to The Week – Late Week Warming Trend

Good Morning!  Some chilly air is funneling into Alabama. Today will be brisk.  That northwest wind will make it seem quite cool.  We’re headed for a freeze next two nights.  But, on the horizon, some warmer air is in our future.  I’ll tell you about a nice late week warming trend.  Plus, we’ll ahead, to the next two storm systems in out future. 

Today will be brisk. The breeze will add a BITE to the air. We are headed for freeze tonight.

Some spots here in central Alabama could reach the upper 20’s by dawn tomorrow morning.

The early week chill will start to fade by Wednesday. Look for some nice late week warming.

Freeze expected by Tuesday and Wednesday morning. Storm-free for much of the week. Warmer Wednesday afternoon. Much warmer by late week. Storm system Saturday. Showers and possibly some thunderstorms.

Looking way out in the future…there could be another storm system somewhere around the 18th of December, or thereabouts.

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