Warming Trend Begins Today – Weekend Showers

Good Morning!  Our morning chill will fade quickly, today.  A big warming trend begins today, and continues Thursday through Saturday.  The late week weather will be very nice.  Showers make a comeback this weekend.  But, there are questions on the details of how the weekend storm system will evolve.  There are big model discrepancies, especially Monday.  I’ll do my best to sort out what we know.

The Chill fades quickly today. Big afternoon warm-up, not as cold tonigjt.

The warming trend which begins today continues Thursday through Saturday.

Showers return this weekend.

Very Nice Thursday and Friday. Showers Saturday and Sunday. Big model discrepancy on Monday.

Big model discrepancy on Monday. The GFS shows nothing…the system has departed. The Euro tries to depict winter weather for Alabama. Hopefully, and probably the GFS is a more likely solution.

Here’s a peek of the ups and downs of the tempetatures next 10 days.

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