Warmer Days, Milder Nights – Showers Will Return

Good Morning!  Our warming trend continues today.  A weak front, drifting through the state this evening, could touch off an isolated shower to some towns.  But, the main rain threat this week holds off until Thursday and Friday.  How much rain?  And, what about the weekend.  We’ll look ahead.  Next week could begin stormy.

A dry mild day today for most of us. Small rain chance overnight tonight.

As the weak front drifts south overnight, there could be a couple of isolated showers in central Alabama. The chance is small.

Rain likely Thursday and Friday. No severe weather with this system.

Warmer days, milder nights. Rain likely Thursday & Friday. Dry Saturday. Could be some more showers late Sunday.

Parts of west central Alabama could see up to 2″. Not much rain farther south near the coast.

Interesting storm system Monday evening, next week, January 25th. Could it bring strong/severe storms? Too early to day.

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