Periods of Rain for Several Days – Arctic Air Stays Away For Now

Good Morning!  We are into a very active pattern, with storm system after storm system for the next 6-7 days.  But, meanwhile, the brutal winter weather stays away to the west and northwest of us.  The relentless arctic air will be only a few hundred miles away.  But, it looks like the dangerous cold, and the snow and ice will leave us alone.  That’s the trade off for the rain.  On this video, I’ll walk you through the details of a complicated forecast.

Waves of low pressure will continue to bring rounds of showers to Alabama over the next several days, while the brutal winter weather stays only a few hundred miles from us.

Risk of showers just about anytime today, but more concentrated tonight. Mostly just rain. Nothing severe.

Wet at times for the next several days. Arctic air generally stays away, but the coldest day will be Tuesday and the coldest morning on Wednesday.

Rainfall amounts could be excessive over the next week.

Although we will briefly sample colder air Tuesday. The cold air will retreat again on Wednesday and Thursday.

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