Warm & Dry Weekend – Big Changes Next Week –FRIDAY Video

Happy Friday!  Our extended pattern of Spring-like, storm-free days continues through the weekend.  Temperatures will be into the 80’s.  We should be dry through the weekend, but big changes are on the way.  Next week will be wetter and more active.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the weekend details for here and the Gulf Coast.  I’ll show you the latest Drought Monitor map and we’ll look at potential rainfall next week.

A\Our EXTENDED period of warm/dry weather continues today. Normal High 68. Today we reach the lower 80’s.

New drought monitor, shows the early stages on a drought continue to expand. Meanwhile, not a drop of rain in the forecast through Sunday evening.

The unusual spring-like warmth continues. Winter continues, officially for another week. Showers and thunderstorms Monday through Wednesday.

Very active pattern next week with much needed rain.

Very nice Beach Forecast continues through the weekend. It will be several degrees cooler on the Beach because of the onshore flow off the cooler Gukf waters.

Pollen count will be very high over the weekend.

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