SUNDAY UPDATE: Nice Sunday – Major Warming Trend This Week

Good Morning!  It was a very wild Saturday across the South and especially here in Alabama, from two rounds of severe weather.  Today will be a nice contrast in the wake of the storm system.

     We have a nice, extended-streak storm-free days ahead, at least through Wednesday.  There will be a late week storm system.  Details are a little fuzzy.  More below.

TODAY:  Partly sunny this morning. Mostly sunny later.  Breezy.  North winds at 10 to 20 mph.  High 77.  Clear, cool…Low 52 tonight.  Another nice Sunday, after a wild Saturday. 

Here’s the map set-up today.  Stormy day in Florida with the front that brought the storms yesterday.  We’re on the east side of high pressure.  Breezy day.

TALLADEGA TODAY: Talladega had stormy Saturday. Winds gusted to 46 mph late yesterday afternoon in a severe thunderstorm. No hail. Today, thankfully will be much nicer for the Geico 500 which starts at 1PM. Clouds through mid morning , then gradual clearing. Breezy. High 73.

NEXT FEW DAYS:  Storm-free through Wednesday.  Significant warming trend.  We’ll be in the 80’s Tuesday through Thursday.  Showers and storms are possible by Thursday night into Friday.  Timing is still a question, that’s why the rain chances are on the small side.

Will the late week storm system be severe?  Maybe. Maybe not.  Details are still a little “muddy”.  Stay tuned.  We’ll know more tomorrow.

A profile of the next 10 days shows a series of very warm days.

WILD SEVERE WEATHER SATURDAY:  Numerous Severe Weather Reports from two rounds of severe weather Saturday.  Including 5 tornado reports, 77 large hail, 8 reports of baseball size or larger and 97 wind damage reports. (These are preliminary from SPC).   Here’s a cool interactive map.  You can zoom in and click on specific storm reports.

POLLEN:  Three of the next five days will be in the medium to high range.  So, Pollen is still an issue.  Thanks to the folks at

I’ll have a complete video update tomorrow morning.  Have a nice Sunday!


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