Front Approaches – Risk of Showers & Thunderstorms Returning – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Today will be dry and warm.  But, an approaching front will bring the risk of showers and thunderstorms back to the forecast overnight tonight.  But, what about the weekend?  The news is pretty good for much of the weekend.  There are new wrinkles as we look at the early part of next week.  I’ll update the details and we’ll check the Beach Forecast, too. 

Very warm for late April again today. Dry today. Risk of showers and storms arrives overnight tonight.

Risk of showers and thunderstorms Friday. I’m optimistic about Saturday. Should be dry. Chance of showers and thunderstorms returning by late Sunday and Sunday night. Showers and thunderstorms Monday and Tuesday.

Here’s the updated Beach Forecast. Gulf water temperature is now 70.

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