Jacket Weather Tonight – Nice Mother’s Day Week – Active Next Week – FRIDAY Video

Good Morning!  A late season cool front is sweeping across the area.  Today will be breezy & cooler. Tonight will be unusually chilly for so late in the season.  But, the chill will not last.  On this video, I’ll tell you about a Mother’s Day Weekend warm-up.  Timing is everything.  It looks like the next round of showers and storms will hold off until late Sunday night.  Next week looks very wet & active again.  It could be quite a “soaker”.

A late season cool front sweeps through the area today. Breezy & cooler today. Tonight will be unusually cool for so late in the season.

Tonight will be unusually cool for so late in the season. Jacket weather. Upper 40’s by Dawn Saturday.

The chill will not last. Saturday will be warmer. Mother’s Day will be quite warm. Showers and thunderstorms hold off until Sunday night & Monday. Much of next week will be wet and stormy.

I’m very happy to say….if you’re Beach Bound this weekend, the news is very good. It will, however be quite chilly tonight. You’ll need a jacket.

Wet and stormy next week as waves of low pressure slide along a stalled front near the coast.

Again next week…rainfall amounts could be quite heavy in spots.

The coolest day will be today. The coldest morning will be Dawn Saturday. The warmest day will be Sunday.

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