Brief, Unusual Late Season Chill – Outstanding Weekend Ahead – THURSDAY Video

Good Morning!  Much cooler air is funneling into Alabama. The normal high is 85.  Today we may not make it out of the 60’s.  Tonight, some towns in central and south Alabama will be in the upper 40’s.  But, the chill will not last long.  Get ready for a great weekend.  We’ll be back in the low 80’s by Saturday, and warmer than that Sunday.  It looks like a nice string of storm-free days.  How long will that last?  I’ll show you when showers and storms will return to the forecast.

Remarkable day and night ahead. It will feel more like late Fall. We’ll look forward to a day like this in the hot summer. Jacket weather tonight.

Temperatures over most f the central, eastern and southern US will be well below normal, thanks to that cool high near Chicago

Warming trend begins Saturday. Mid 80’s by Sunday. Risk of showers returns by Tuesday.

BIG warming trend through Next Week.

VERY nice forecast for the coast this weekend.

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