Numerous Showers and Storms – Wet Few Days

Good Morning!  It can be frustrating in the summer.  Some of you have had excessive rainfall totals over the last few days.  Some spots have had very little rainfall.  Rainfall totals can vary widely from neighborhood to neighborhood.  But, today and tomorrow, your odds of getting wet are very high, indeed. Showers and storms will be widespread for the next couple of days at least.  By late week, the number of storms will begin to “thin out” again.  Wait to you see Future Radar on today’s video.  I have adjusted rain chances higher for today and tomorrow.  I’ll take you through the rest of the week and into the weekend.

Widespread rain. Numerous showers and storms today and tonight.

That upper trough over the southeast will keep numerous storms in the forecast this week, but the storms will thin out later in the week, as high pressure builds in the upper levels.

Storms remain quite numerous at least through Tuesday. Storms will start to thin out later in the week. We’ll be back to 90 or above by Thursday through the weekend.

Wet times this week across the ‘soggy’ Southeast. It’s been a WET and turbulent summer.

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