TUESDAY Update: Nice Tuesday – Showers Will Return – Much Cooler Late Week

(**Computer technical issues this morning.  Not able to do a full-blown video.  So, here’s a Blog Update instead.  There will be a full video in the morning. )

Good Morning!  Yesterday was just about perfect.  Today will be repeat performance. Sunshine will dominate.  Comfortable temperatures.  We had a high of 74 yesterday.  We’ll be in that neighborhood again today. Should be an absolutely beautiful Tuesday.

    Some changes are on the way.  Clouds will increase Wednesday.  Low pressure moving along the northern Gulf coast will bring threat of showers Wednesday night and a better chance Thursday.  Behind the storm system, much cooler will filter into the state.  Friday will be similar to last Friday, with clouds and highs in the 50’s.  We could see our first upper 30’s by Friday and Saturday night.  The weekend looks storm-free and similar to last weekend.

TODAY:  Patchy fog in a few spots early.  Sunshine will be abundant.  Comfortable.  High 74.  North wind at 4 to 8 mph.   Mostly clear and cool tonight.  Low 49.

SHOWERS RETURNING:   Low pressure will slide eastward from the western Gulf region, across the northern Gulf.  Showers will return as early as late Wednesday night with a better chance Thursday.  Thunderstorms are unlikely and there will be no severe weather. 

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Clouds will increase Wednesday.  Cooler.  A few showers late Wednesday night and showers are likely Thursday.  Cooler air will continue to filter in by late Thursday, Thursday night and Friday.  Friday will be cloudy and cool.  We could see some upper 30’s by Friday night and Saturday night.  Nice weather over the weekend, but cool for early November.

The Climate Prediction Center says most of the next 6 to 10 days will tend to be below normal across the southeastern U.S.

TROPICS:  Fortunately, the tropics are about as quite as a mouse.  Fish storm Wanda is the only show in the in town.  No issues to worry about for the next several days.  Normal High is 75 and 47.


Tomorrow, everything is back to normal.    Today…Live on the radio 6 to 9 on NewsTalk 93.1 and Live on CBS 8 and ABC 32.  Watch us on TV. Have a good day.   There will be a complete video update first thing in the morning.


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