WEDNESDAY Update:  Nice Days Continue – But, When Will It Rain Again?

Good Morning!    Here’s my brief video forecast discussion.     

TODAY:  Sun/clouds. Rain chance about 10%.  Nice day.  Warm day.  Tolerable humidity.  High 89.  NE wind 10 to 15 mph.  Partly Cloudy tonight.  Pleasantly cool.  Low 63.

NEXT FEW DAYS:   Storm-free & dry through Friday, at least. Rain chances not zero but small.  Warmer days.  High Mid 80’s Friday.  Still tolerable humidity.  At or near 90 this weekend. More humid.  Small chance of spotty showers or thundershowers.  Widely scattered at best.  Inti the lower 90’s Monday & Tuesday.  Widely scattered showers.  Rain chance 20% or less.

Check out the Rain Prospects through Tuesday.  Not good.  Time to get out the garden hose.

Are we headed for a May Heat Wave?   An upper High builds.  That spells HOTTER days.

  This is the 10 day MODEL BLEND temperatures.  All that heat currently scorching the plains states will migrate eastward.  Look at some of those numbers next week!  It’s just May.

BEACH FORECAST:  Pretty nice forecast! Comfortable weekend.  Dry Friday.  Widely scattered showers Saturday and Sunday.  Highs near 80 to the low 80’s.  Moderate Rip current risk.   Water temperature 77.

Thanks for reading this Blog this morning!

This morning we are LIVE on the radio from 6 to 9 on NewsTalk 93.1.  Watch us on TV on CBS 8 and ABC 32.  I’ll have another update for you in the morning.  Have a nice day.


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