SATURDAY  Update:   Getting Warmer, More Humid – Random Scattered Showers & Storms

(**This morning I’m still in New York.  My Blog Updates are still brief through Sunday, as I enjoy a packed NYC itinerary.    Thanks for your understanding.    You’ll still hear by updates on the 8 station Bluewater family of stations every day, every hour.)

Good Morning again, from New York City!  Yesterday’s temperatures in Central Alabama were a lot cooler than expected, due to clouds and showers.  But, after 70’s on Friday, expect highs well into the 80s today and Sunday.  Early next week will be even warmer.  We’ll be near 90 by Tuesday and maybe even the lower 90’s by Wednesday and Thursday.  There will be showers on the radar each day.  Today, the rain chance will be relatively small.  But, expect scattered, random hit or miss storms each day Sunday through Thursday.  Some towns get wet, many do not.  I don’t see any organized storm systems for the next few days. 

TODAY & NEXT FEW DAYS:   Warmer than yesterday by several degrees. Look for more of a summer-like scenario.  Not only will it be warm, but also a little more humid. We should reach the upper 80’s today & Sunday.  Early next week will be even warmer.  We’ll be near 90 by Tuesday and maybe even the lower 90’s by Wednesday and Thursday.  Random showers and a few thundershowers are also returning each day especially in the afternoon and evening. It will feel more like June than May. 

Here are some Future Radar snapshots.  Yes there will be showers on the radar today, but they will be few and fa between.  Many towns will stay dry.   Yesterday the airport reported a Trace of rain.  My rain gauge in East Montgomery had 0.00”

Take a look at the 10 day Temperature Model Blend. Are you ready for June warmth in May?

BEACH FORECAST:   Pretty decent forecast.  Lots of sun today.  Risk of some spotty showers & storms Sunday & Monday .  Chilly Gulf water temperature 73. Moderate rip current risk.

Thanks for reading this very brief Blog this morning! As mentioned above, I’m on vacation in New York City.  Yesterday’s highlights included a tour of Rockefeller Plaza, a Central Park Carriage Ride on my Niece Shelly’s birthday, and a Sunset Cruise on New York Harbor. Today we are going to the 9/11 World Trade Center Memorial and Museum.

  My daily updates to you through Sunday will be very brief. .  Thanks for understanding!


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