Arctic Taste: Headed for the Deep Freeze – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  It’s a cold morning,  and we have a very chilly day ahead.  Coldest night will be tonight, which will be our coldest night since the middle of February.  I’ll look ahead to a wild temperature ride over the next several days. Our temperature outlook goes out to Christmas Eve.  Plus: more rain on the menu for the week ahead with another 2 part storm system.  And maybe 4 storm systems between now and Christmas Eve.  Strap yourself in for this morning’s weather briefing, which has a lot of variety!  Make sure the kids are dressed warm at the bus stop this morning. Wind chill is a factor, for sure.



Wild ride next 10 days.  Lots of ups and downs.  A peek at the Euro model out 10 days and the US GFS model out 16 days.



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