UPDATED: Warmer Christmas Weekend – Thursday Video

Good Morning! I have updated the details of your Christmas Weekend Forecast. There’s a big warm-up on the menu, before we take another arctic plunge by the end of next week, before the New Year begins.  Plus, we’ll look at what days have the best chance of showers, through the holidays and beyond.  A little video Christmas card, at the end, too! (if you have the time)

Here’s a peek at the Updated Christmas Day High temps.  Last year we had 80, which was just shy of the record of 81.


In the 39 years I have been covering your weather, we’ve had quite an incredible variety of weather on Christmas Day, including record highs, bitter cold days, SNOW back in 2010, and a awful day of multiple tornadoes back in 2012!


Here’s the Euro Model out 10 days.  It shows the Christmas Weekend Warmth, followed by another big arctic plunge last 2 days of the year, late next week.  Plus, the blue bars at the bottom indicate when showers are most likely. 


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