Good Morning!  What an amazing turn-around is on tap for us.  Winter is on hold, for now.  Get ready for a taste of Springtime in January.  An amazing string of 70+ degree days are in our future from the middle of this week through early next week.  But, do not fret, cold weather fans.  Winter will return!  Probably, with a vengeance.  We’ll look ahead for the next 16 days, for any storm systems and the next temperature swing.  With your toast and coffee this morning, here’s your Tuesday weather briefing with your toast and coffee.

How about this for a huge turn-around?  From bitter cold to Spring-like Warmth, from the Gulf Coast to the Ohio valley and Great Lakes.

The Euro model graph for the next 10 days shows the sharp temperature surge this week, into next week.  Next storm system around Jan 18-19 time frams.

Climate Prediction center says the warmth will remain next week across the east, January 15-19th.


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