SPRINGTIME IN JANUARY This Week – Wednesday Video

Winter is on hold for now.  An extended period of Spring-like Warmth is on the menu for an incredible string of days.  Don’t worry.  Winter will return in a big way at some point.  We will look ahead to when the storm system arrives.  Plus, we’ll see what lies ahead with your 16 day temperature trend, which takes us into the last week of January.

What’s responsible for the incredible January Spring-like warmth?  You can thank a “Warm Dome”, an upper level bubble of high pressure, anchored over the southeast at about 20,000 feet.  It will keep winter “at bay” for now and divert storm systems around us until about the middle of next week.

The European Global model for the next 10 days is simply amazing!  Keep in mind this is January!

We could see a few sprinkles along the way, here and there, but much of the next 7 days should be mostly dry. Next “significant” storm system will probably hold off until the middle of next week.


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