Weekend Warm-up – Wild Temperature Swings Ahead – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  Cold start this morning, but another big temperature soar this weekend.  Wild temperature swings next 10 days. And, some very weather too.  We’ll check out a storm system with big question marks next week, and there could be at least a couple of significant storm systems before February is over. Typical Alabama February!

The chilly air will only be here briefly.  Look at the major warm-up as we soar well into the 70’s on Saturday and Sunday.  On this map, check out the Record Warmth out to the west of us in Oklahoma and Texas!

Wild temperature swings next 10 days,   Showers on Sunday and again mid week.

Three different Global Models disagree about this Gulf Coast storm system that will affect us next week.  The GFS is farthest south.  The Euro and Canadian models are fairly close together on the track.

Have a great weekend.  Enjoy the warm temps.    Watch for Blog updates over the weekend.  Next Video will be online Monday morning at 5.


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