WEEK AHEAD: Very Warm Days / Showers at Times

Fog, which was a big issue this morning, has now burned off.   Sunshine has already taken over in most areas.   We will be well into the 70’s today,  and we will flirt with 80, perhaps on President’s Day, followed by rain returning on Tuesday.

TODAY:  AM Fog is already giving way to lots of  Sun.  Warmer.  High 76°.  Low tonight 51.

MONDAY:  Lots of folks are off.  What a nice President’s Day.  After some morning fog,  mostly sunny and very warm.  High upper 70’s to near 80.  The record high for tomorrow in Montgomery is 79.  Low Tuesday night 55.  Record highs are possible from Alabama to Wisconsin and Iowa.

TUESDAY STORM SYSTEM:  Low  pressure tracking along the Gulf Coast will be our next weather maker.  The best chance for showers and few thunderstorms will be Tuesday and Tuesday night.  This does not look like a severe weather situation.  Perhaps a couple of left over showers Wednesday.

THE WEEK AHEAD:  Temperatures will be well into the 70’s all week.  The next frontal system will deliver more showers by the end of the week in the Friday/Saturday time frame.  Too early to say if this will have any strong/severe storms.


SEVERE WEATHER AWARENESS WEEK:  Today begins severe weather awareness week in Alabama.  It has already been active 2017 for tornadoes with close to 20 tornadoes for the young year already.  There’s no way to be sure, but there are ominous signals that this Spring severe weather season could be very, very active indeed, perhaps the most active in about 6 years.  Make sure your family has a plan of action and more than one way to receive warnings.  Our weather App and a good weather radio are essential.  DO NOT rely on outside sirens.  They are only meant to alert people are are outside.  Sirens can fail.  Sirens, at times, can not be heard inside.  Do not risk your life depending on sirens to alert you.  Get our app on your phone and/or tablet today. Search Rich Thomas Weather in your App store.  For more information about weather awareness week:  http://www.weather.gov/bmx/outreach_feb2017

My next video will be online by 5AM Monday.  Have a great Sunday!

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