Cool Days, Chilly Nights – Friday Video

Good Morning on a chilly Friday morning!  Some of us are in the low 30’s this morning.  And, could we be close to a Late Season freeze tomorrow morning?  It’s possible.  I’ll update the weekend details for you, and we’ll talk about the big warm-up before the next storm.  But, will there be 2 storms next week?  One global model says yes.  Here’s your 2 minute Friday morning personal weather briefing with your toast and coffee.

Some spots in central Alabama are at or below freezing this morning.  And, many spots will be close to a Late Season Freeze tomorrow morning, too.  Montgomery’s last freeze was about a month ago on Feb. 5.


Southerly winds will help temperature recover begining Sunday afternoon, as warmer air from the Heartland spreads eastward.

The Euro Model graph out 10 days shows that chilly Saturday morning, as well as the big warm-up next week.  It also clearly shows the Mid-week storm system next week which could be significant, and unless like the US GFS model, it suggests another storm system around Saturday the 11th.  We’ll see….




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