Updated Memorial Day Weekend Forecast – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  Alabama will be heating up, just in time for what’s considered the unofficial first summer weekend.  Much of the weekend should be trouble-free, with only tiny rain chances.  However, you may need to at least have a plan B for Memorial Day, when the threat for showers and thunderstorms will be highest.  I’ll walk you through the details for here and the Gulf coast beaches.  Plus, good news on the new Drought Monitor map.  And less than a week before the hurricane season begins, NOAA has their new seasonal outlook.  (for what it’s worth).  Here’s your Friday Holiday Weekend personal weather briefing.


The unofficial kickoff weekend of summer, will be rather routine for the most part.  Rain chances will be relatively small through Sunday. The biggest issue could be Memorial Day Monday with a 60% chance of showers and storms as a frontal system approaches.   Have a Plan B ready.  Boaters on area lakes should watch out for lightning, too.


Pretty pristine Beach Forecast.  Many, many families are headed down for their first Beach weekend of the season.  Best rain chances show up Monday and Tuesday, when showers and thunderstorms will be roaming around.  The Gulf Water temperature at the buoy 12 miles south of Orange Beach is 77.   Moderate Rip Current risk is listed in the outlook.  Be careful…watch for the warning flags on the beach.

This week’s heavy rain wiped out that moderate drought covering east and southeast Alabama.  Good news!   Here’s the brand new drought monitor map which came out yesterday.

We are only 6 days away from the start of Hurricane Season.  Yesterday NOAA came out with their seasonal forecast, showing normal to a little above normal numbers.  Remember: the numbers mean nothing.  It only takes ONE hurricane affecting you for this to be a BIG season.  Always prepare.  Always be ready.




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