Stuck in a Wet Pattern – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  We are stuck in a cloudy, wet unsettled pattern, which will stick around, apparently for several more days. How long will the pattern last?  On this video, I’ll tell which days have the better rain chances.  I’ll sort out the weekend for you. Hurricane season begins today, and we are already monitoring an area of interest in the Gulf. Are you headed to the Beach this weekend?  I’ll update that forecast, too.



This cloudy, wet, unsettled pattern continues today, and apparently for several more days.   Showers and storms will overspread the state again and become quite widespread.

Rain chances will ramp up again this weekend with probabilities of getting wet as high as 50% Saturday and 60% Sunday.

Heaviest rainfall over the next few days will be across the southern counties and closer to the coast.

The beach, through the weekend, will continue to be cloudier than normal with showers and storms around at times.

On this first day of Hurricane Season, we will be monitoring an area of interest in the southwest Gulf for the next few days for signs of future development.

Here’s the list of names for this year’s hurricane season.  Is your name on this list?

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