Updated Weekend Rain Chance – Friday Video

Happy Friday!  This weather pattern we are stuck in could stick until the middle of next week.  That spells better than normal rain chance for each of the next few days, and sunshine will be limited.  I’ll walk you through the daily rain chances.  I’ll let you know which days have the best rain chances…and we will look at when this pattern will finally come to an end.  Plus, the Beach Forecast and check of the tropics.  Here’s your Friday morning personal weather briefing.

The wetter than normal pattern rolls on an on.  Today, much of the southeastern US will be shrouded in clouds with clusters of showers and storms roaming around.


It’s not going to rain all the time, of course, but the better than normal rain chances will continue for several more days, perhaps until about the middle of next week.  Rain will affect a lot of outdoor plans.  Be flexible.  Have a Plan B.  Sunshine will be limited.


Unfortunately, the better or best rain chances over the next few days will be closer to the coast.


On the bright side of things, the Drought Monitor map continues to look better and better each week.

Still keeping an eye on the SW Gulf of Mexico, with that area of disturbed weather.  No signs of anything to worry about at this point.  We’re watching.



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