Showers / Storms Returning – Thursday Video

Good Morning!  Showers & storms are returning to the forecast, as the upper high starts to fade.  I’ve bumped the rain chances, especially starting tomorrow.  On this video, I’ll being you up to date on the updated weekend forecast for here and the Beaches.  Plus, there’s a new Tropical Depression in tropical Atlantic.  I’ll show you the projected track.  Sit back with your toast and coffee this morning…this is your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.



Changes in the upper air pattern: the ridge fades, a trough builds, a front eases south. End result: afternoon/evening storms return


Showers and storms will be, scattered, but much more  numerous Friday through Sunday.  High temps will ease back closer to 90 each day


Scattered showers and storms area returning to the beach forecast, too.   Rain chances get a little bit better each day through Sunday.

In the Tropical Atlantic…Invest 94-L, has been promoted to Tropical Depression 4.  It will be in a rather hostile environment for development next few days.

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