Updated Weekend Storm Threat – Friday Video

Good Morning!  Random showers & storms are back in the forecast.  On this video I’ll update your odds of getting wet over the weekend and beyond.  SPC says some of the storms could reach severe limits.  Plus, we’ll check out the likely trends for next week.  And, the latest from the tropics as we track Tropical Depression 4 and it’s potential future.


An approaching frontal system will help to increase the rain chance over the state this evening and over the weekend.

Marginal Severe risk for most of the state tomorrow as the front acts as a focus for stronger storms.  Damaging winds possible.


The odds of getting wet from time to time down at the beach will increase over the weekend.

Temperatures won’t be quite as hot next few days.  Actually…closer to the norm.

Tropical Depression continues to move quickly WNW in the tropical Atlantic.  It’s in a hostile area for development right now.


Montgomery’s All Time Record High of 107 occurred on this date 136 years ago today.  More recently we came close to tying that record four times in 2007 when we reached 106.  Close but no cigar.  The record stands.

No video tomorrow, but there will be a blog update in the morning, and as needed later in the day as storms develop.

Have a great Friday and a nice weekend!



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