Blistering Heat Again Today– Weekend Forecast Update – Friday Video

Good Morning!  Another day of intense heat today, after the hottest day of the year yesterday.  On this video, from the Alabama coast, I’ll update you on the increasing chance for those random storms today & over the weekend.  I’ll show you how the daily highs will slowly start to decline.  BUT, maybe another trip to the upper 90’s late next week?  Plus, the Beach forecast & the tropics.   Here’s your morning weather briefing on the road from Orange Beach.

More blistering heat today and over the weekend, but the PM showers/and storms will become a little more numerous every day…with a 30% chance today, 40% Saturday and 50% Sunday.


In the upper atmosphere, a “weakness” will promote better rain chances over the weekend, as the intense upper heat dome begins to erode.

Showers and storms will start to become more numerous in the beach forecast, as well.



The Euro model also advertises more heat returning next week, as the upper high rebuilds across the Gulf South.




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