Hot & Humid: More Tropical Downpours – Tuesday Video

Good Morning!  Very hot & humid again today…take it easy.  Yesterday many locations got to 105 or higher on the heat index.  We will be easily into triple digits on the HI today.  I’ll show you future radar.  Another generous supply of random storms today.  Maybe today is your day.  Another heat bubble builds over us later in the week.  I have the updated rain chances as storms may thin out just a bit later in the week.  Very interesting future possibilities in the tropics, too, as things get busier.


Hot & humid day again with a generous supply of Random PM storms, but by middle and late week, another building high pressure heat bubble over us in the upper atmosphere will lead to fewer PM storms, hot temperatures and excessive triple digit heat indices.

Daily storms may start to thin out a little bit in number Wednesday through Sunday.

Gert is now Hurricane Gert in the Atlantic, but not a concern to land areas.

Behind it are two more systems:  Invest 91-L, and a new area to watch off the African coast.  Both of theses systems could be named storms some day soon.  Next two names are Harvey and Irma.

Euro ensemble model tracks over the next 10 days show some interesting possible future tropical cyclone tracks in the Gulf, perhaps in a few days.


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