Blazing Heat, Storms – Tropics Get Busy – Eclipse Forecast – Wednesday Video

Much to discuss this morning.  Blazing heat, as storms start to thin out a bit.  I have a sizzling weekend forecast for you. With 5 days till the big eclipse, what about the cloud situation?  Starting today, I have a daily update on the projected clouds.  And, it’s starting to look like a traffic jam developing in the tropics.  Getting very busy indeed.  I hope you have time to watch today’s video.


Intense Heat and Humidity next few days will lead to dangerous heat indices as the storms thin out just a bit in number.  Another heat bubble builds above us.

Will clouds be a problem for Eclipse viewing on Monday?   We will not have a solid overcast, but scattered clouds will hide the sun at times.  We will update this cloud forecast map every day.  Eclipse countdown:  5 days


All of a sudden the tropics are getting very busy!   Besides Hurricane Gert, there are two numbered Invests and another one about to get a number.  The spaghetti plots have a lot of lines (possible tracks).

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