Watching Harvey’s Future – Thursday Video

Good Morning!   Lots of to talk about.  The front which moved through yesterday is parked near the coast.  That’s where the best rain chance will be for a couple of days.  Humidity not quite as bad.  On this video, I’ll bring you up to date on the Harvey saga.  A flood threat to Texas, Harvey’s Future after Texas is up for debate.  I’ll show you the forecast scenarios.    Plus, how about a cool-down?   Wait until you see the projected temperatures in the week ahead.  Much to update on this morning’s video. This is  your Thursday morning personal weather briefing.



WATCHING Harvey… Hurricane Warnings for the Texas Coast.  Expected to be a Hurricane by Landfall Friday PM, Winds perhaps 90 mph landfall.  Harvey will cause catastrophic flooding because of a prolonged period over Texas.


What happens to Harvey after Texas.  Much debase.  Global Model Tracks vary.

Big debate on how it could influence our weather next week.

Meanwhile, get ready for much nicer temperatures, especially Sunday through about Wednesday.






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