The tragedy in Texas has grown worse, and this is only day two.  There were 1000+ Water rescues overnight. Fatalities from the flooding have already occurred. The National Weather Service issued this grim statement this morning:

“Epic catastrophic flooding has occurring in and around the Houston and Galveston areas and surrounding communities overnight, and very heavy rains continue falling across these areas early this morning. Rainfall totals between Saturday evening and this morning have totaled 15 to 30 inches. Additional life-threatening rainfall totals of 15 to 25 inches  with isolated higher amounts are possible across the Flash Flood  Watch area over the next several days, and results could be  devastating if any of these rains fall where catastrophic  flooding has already occurred.”

A buddy of mine, Meteorologist Brooks Garner, sent me this from his IPHONE from the KHOU-TV parking lot.  He touches on some sobering realities about the dilemma people are facing. “Have an ax with you in your attic.


Family escapes flooding on a raft with their dog.

Tropical Storm Harvey is stuck.  No steering currents to take it away.  This forecast from the National Hurricane Center paints a grim picture of pro-longed rain and misery for Texas for 4-5 more days with more flooding of biblical proportions, along with the tornado threat that accompanies a tropical system.

ADDITIONAL RAIN FORECAST:  Considering the fact that 15-30” of rain has already fallen since Saturday, I am unable to imagine as much or more rainfall in the next 4-5 days.  Simply too much to grasp.  The people in coastal Texas are in our thoughts and prayers.

TORNADO THREAT: The tornado threat in Texas continues today.  Numerous tornado warnings yesterday. Twelve tornadoes reported.  The tornado threat in a landfalling tropical system like Harvey is significant,


NEW DEPRESSION FORMING SOON FROM 92-L?:  The system over Florida, we have been watching for days, Invest 92-L could become a Depression in the next 24 hours.  This system could eventually become Tropical Storm (or sub-tropical storm) Irma.



NEXT FEW DAYS FOR US:  For us, thankfully the news is much better.  The nice easterly breeze continues.  Skies will be partly cloudy again today.  Highs will be in the 80’s for the next few days. Relatively comfortable.   Nice. Our rain chances pick up quite a bit Wednesday through Friday as tropical moisture increases from the Gulf.


I’ll have a complete video tomorrow morning online at 4:45AM as we look at the week ahead, including the Holiday weekend, and update the Texas unfolding disaster and the prospect for Irma threatening the Southeast this week.  Please continue to keep the people in Texas in your thoughts and prayers.

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