Heat Relief Soon! – TUESDAY Video

Can you endure 3 more 90+ degree days?   Hang on!  Relief is on the way.  It will filter in – two stages – Friday and over the weekend…and it’s just what the doctor ordered.  I have updated the future, highs and lows…plus a look into the next 16 days.  Trouble in the tropics.  The Latest on Hurricane Maria’s encounter with the Carolina coast today, and question marks about another future area to watch.  It’s covered here in a concise couple of minutes on your Tuesday morning personal weather briefing.


More hot days ahead.  High today around 91.  Low tonight 70.  Mostly dry…Partly sunny.  AND, two more hot days Wednesday and Thursday, before our temperatures begin to cool off a bit.


Hurricane Maria makes a close encounter withe Carolina coast today, before she makes an extreme right turn and is picked up by a trough.

Tropical Storm Warnings continue for much of the North Carolina coast northward to Virginia Beach.

Over the next several days we will be monitoring the western Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico for possible future tropical development.




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