Nice Change on The Horizon – Wednesday Video

The Hot 90’s are back with us today and tomorrow, but relief is on the way!  I’ll update you on that batch of nicer air we will be enjoying this weekend.  Any rain on the way?  It’s getting the dry.  We might need some help from the tropics.  Some possible Gulf mischief in the next 10 days.  We’re watching.  And, I will reflect of  the loss of a great man, our friend,  Dan Atkinson, who left this world yesterday.  I hope you have a couple of minutes to watch my video.

Hot again for two more days.   Lows to mid 90’s today, lower 90’s tomorrow.  But, then some nicer air just in time for the weekend.  Friday will be a tad cooler…but, Saturday & Sunday & Monday will be even nicer with, low humidity, comfortable days, a nice breeze and cooler nights.  Just what the doctor ordered.

We need some rain, but the rain prospects fro the next several days are awful.  Here’s the week ahead.

It might take some tropical help to get us some rain over the next 8-10 .  We will be closely monitoring the Caribbean and Gulf for the next several days.  We continue to see hints at some mischief soon.  Stay tuned!


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